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Cleveland Pollinator

& Native Plant Symposium

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Watch for new, virtual and (hopefully) in-person offerings, as we move in new directions to keep going forward in the face of Covid-19 concerns.
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The goal of the Cleveland Pollinator and Native Plant Symposium is to educate and inspire homeowners, garden clubs, landscape architects and designers, horticulturists, botanists, naturalists, educators, conservationists and anyone eager to learn about creating pollinator and wildlife habitats using native plants and trees to promote biodiversity and ecological resilience.


Join in the conversation with  national and regional experts to increase your knowledge of pollinators, native plants and planting designs that are robust and form ecologically valuable alliances. Our focus is on shifting traditional horticultural practices to creating landscapes for beauty, biodiversity, and a sustainable ecosystem. Programs encourage participants to connect, exchange ideas and share information with each other and the speakers.



Ann Cicarella has been designing landscapes for twenty-seven years.  She received her Certificate in Landscape Horticulture from Cleveland State University and has continued to absorb landscape design ideas and principles by visiting fantastic gardens in the US, Italy, France, England, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2005, Ann Cicarella Landscape Design LLC was awarded a Gold Medal by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers for a project she designed and managed in the category of $150,000 and above. She has been featured in numerous magazines throughout her career and was most recently on the cover of the 2015 April Ohio Magazine and the 2016 May cover of Country Gardens.


In 2015, Ann founded the Cleveland Pollinator and Native Plant Symposium to bring in expert speakers to address ways in which we can design, build and maintain biodiverse landscapes and habitats for pollinators and wildlife. 


Ann has designed a pollinator and vegetable garden for her four grandchildren so they can experience first hand the wonder of the rich insect life and beauty you find in gardens. Ann hand-raises monarch butterflies, and is a beekeeper with six hives in her garden. She also maintains the beehive at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

...and Ann does talk to her butterflies and bees.


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